Specific Project Commissions

Sponsorship Opportunities

Specific Project Commissions

SPCs are projects that Arcomis is enabling members of the public and the private sector to become involved with, through sponsorship. Sponsorship opportunities range from £150 to £35,000.

Sponsors, whether individuals or businesses, don’t just hand money over: Arcomis can work with sponsors so that they are an integral part of the project’s evolution and as such are kept up-to-date with developments, are often invited to meet the composer, are invited to the first performance, receive copies of the score and recordings and in many cases move on to develop close contacts with those involved in the projects.

The Arcomis International Brass Event New Music Commissions

We are planning three new music commissions for our Brass Event in October 2013. They include a commission for the winner of the Arcomis Young Composer Competition 2013, to be played by the BBC National Orchestra of Wales, a large-scale commission for one of the major ensembles attending the Brass Event (BBC Now, Cory Brass Band, National Youth Jazz Orchestra, or other) and a commission specifically designed for children as part of the Arcomis International Brass Event Community Outreach Project.

Click here to find out more about how you can get involved in the Brass Event New Music Commissions and what we can do for you as part of a partnership.

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