Commissioning New Music

Commissioning music is a unique experience: Arcomis exists to guide you through the whole process from helping to identify a composer, managing the project during the run-up to the first performance and making a recording of the finished piece!

How it works

Each project is truly unique but you can click here to see the path that a typical project might follow. One of the reasons that Arcomis is here is to ensure that it ‘works’ really well.


Every project is different and part of our role at Arcomis is to design something that will fit your budget. As a guide we advise people that the cost of a new piece being composed, performed and recorded will start at around the same price as that of a good photographer for a wedding! For further information please see our page on pricing.

Previous projects

We’ve put together some ‘sample projects‘ to give an idea of the sort of thing that is possible but it’s really important to stress that just as every piece of music is different, each and every project that Arcomis works with is different and that’s why we’re here: to advise about and enable the commissioning of new music – to make the whole process enjoyable!

Get involved

You can register your interest here or email us for further information about commissioning music.

As well as commissioning whole pieces Arcomis has devised a scheme whereby individuals (or companies) can take part in specific projects. Anyone can contribute to the SPCs (Specific Project Commissions). Click here for further information.