Commissioning Pricing


The cost of each project varies depending on factors such as the following:


A piece for solo violin will generally take less time to compose (and so cost less) than a piece for full symphony orchestra with chorus.


How well known is the composer? Different composers command different fees but Arcomis is here to find the right composer for you!

Duration of Music

The longer a piece of music the more time it will take to write and in general the more expensive it will be to rehearse and perform. A three minute organ piece for example may need only one rehearsal before the first performance whereas a piece for string quartet or a piece for a big-band may take several weeks to put together.

Performance Options

Is a private or public concert and/or recording required? Again Arcomis will work with you to ascertain what is most suitable for you!

Arcomis works to your brief and budget so we’re here to design and implement a project that fits your requirements! Following an initial consultation we’ll offer you a tailor made solution drawn up in response to your needs. Commissioning new music through Arcomis really will be a memorable yet affordable experience! | Commissioning Packages | Sample Projects |